Friday, August 27, 2010

How to use a separate email profile for my BlackBerry in Outlook?

If you are getting synchronization errors when synchronizing your BlackBerry via the cradle, you may find that creating a separate Outlook profile for use with your BlackBerry solves the problem.

Create the new Outlook profile

  1. Take your BlackBerry out of the cradle.

  2. From the Start menu, select Control Panel (or Settings and then Control Panel).

  3. Double-click the Mail icon. Click Show Profiles, and then click Add... .

  4. In the New Profile dialog box, in the "Profile Name" field, type blackberry and click OK.

  5. Select Add a new email account, and click Next. Then select Microsoft Exchange Server, and click Next.

  6. In the "Microsoft Exchange Server" field, type . Uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode.

  7. In the "User Name" field, type your username and click Check Name to verify the account name.

  8. Click More Settings... , and choose the Security tab.

  9. In the "Logon network security" field, choose Kerberos/NTLM Password Authentication (Outlook 2003) or Password Authentication (NTLM) (earlier versions of Outlook). If you wish to be prompted for credentials every time Desktop Manager launches, check Always prompt for user name and password.

  10. Click OK, then Next, then Finish, and finally OK again.

Configure BlackBerry Desktop Manager to use the profile

Now that you have added the "blackberry" profile, you will need to configure BlackBerry Desktop Manager to use it:
  1. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click Redirector Settings, and click the Advanced tab.

  2. Click Profile Settings... . Next to "Always use this profile:", select the blackberry profile you created. Click OK.

  3. A warning will appear stating that you must restart Desktop Manager for changes to take effect. Click OK, and then close and restart Desktop Manager.

  4. Double-click Intellisync, and click Configure PIM... . Verify that the Calendar is set to BlackBerry Wireless Sync.

  5. For each component (Addressbook, MemoPad, Tasks), click Choose... . This opens the Choose Translator dialog box.

  6. Under "Available Translators", make sure Microsoft Outlook is selected. Then click Options... , and verify that blackberry is selected as the user profile. If not, select it. Then click OK.

  7. In the Choose Translator dialog box, click Browse... and verify that the appropriate mailbox folder is selected:

    • For the BlackBerry Addressbook, select the Outlook Contacts folder.
    • For the BlackBerry MemoPad, select the Outlook Notes folder.
    • For BlackBerry Tasks, select the Outlook Tasks folder.
    Note: You may receive one or more warnings during these steps as a result of causing the device to synchronize with a different data source, but there should be no negative impact.
    If you cannot navigate the folder list in the upper window, highlight the folder in the lower "Selected Folder(s):" area and click Remove. This should refresh the upper window and allow you to navigate to the proper folder.
  8. Cradle your device, and initiate a synchronization. Verify that the data have been synced and that no new warnings are logged. To check your sync log, in the Intellisync application, click View log

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